Laying in a Flotation Tank Reduces Stress Hormones And Improves Brain Focus & Creativity

Have you ever been to the dead sea before? It s one of the most unique environments on planet earth. In fact, it s rich in minerals that most places on the planet are a rare and difficult find but because the dead sea is so rich in salt you actually float on top of the water. There are many rejuvenating and health benefits of bathing in the dead sea in Jordan, and you can read more about that by reading this article. How cool would it be to experience that? to just float on top of water and float in a sea of mineral richness? Now, thanks to a newer technology that is beginning to spread across America you can! It s called a float tank. Flotation tanks are tanks that contain around 1,000 pounds of epsom salt, they are completely dark and the temperature of the water in the tank is the same temperature of the surface of your skin. You wear earplugs so that the salt water doesn t get in your ear drums and you lay in this tub of silence and darkness with mineral salt water surrounding you

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