Reduce Stress and Improve Blood Health And Brain Function With Cloves

Cloves come from Indonesia and are the highest ORAC value food on the planet, meaning they have a very potent profile of antioxidants. They are also the richest source of manganese on the planet, so if you have a manganese deficiency this would be a great food to consume. Cloves have been used for digestive disorders, gas and bloating. They help to clean out and purify the blood and intestines, being anti-parasitic and anti-candida as well. They also help to improve brain and cardiovascular health with their unique mineral and antioxidant profile. I really like the quality and value of frontier cloves, it s 16 bucks for a pound and they are organic. Totally worth adding to your water a few times a week! You can get a pound of Organic Frontier Cloves By Clicking Here Please leave your comments below, like and share this video if you enjoyed it and learned something from it! Enjoy your day! Live Healthy Wild And Free! David Benjamin The post Reduce Stress and Improve Blood Health And Br

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