How To Let Go Of Negativity & Embrace Positivity (Daily Practice)

Life is a constant flow of information, information in and information out. How we deal with information is partially what determines who we are and who we become. If negative information and challenges come into our life, we have the opportunity to challenge ourselves and grow or play the victim card and mentality with those set of situations. Life is a birthing process, you are constantly birthing a new version of yourself if you decide too, and those are the most beautiful moments of transformational transcendence. One of the strongest thresholds holding our growth and evolution back is negativity. Negative beliefs, negative emotions, a negative attitude and anything negative. Negativity is a strong force pulling you backwards while positivity is what propels you forward. The more you can let go of negativity and embrace positivity (on every level) be it emotional, belief, thought process, and viscerally as well, the stronger your development and evolutionary self will kick in. You

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