Heal Acne And Acne Scars With This Brushing Exercise

Ever hear of skin brushing before? It s a practice to brush your skin on your body in order to remove dead skin cells to make room for new healthy skin cells. This is great for the skin on your body but doesn t seem to appear to do much for facial acne on the surface. This does have many benefits though, two of the biggest benefits are not so obvious. Skin brushing not only removes dead skin cells on the surface but it increases circulation as well as helps the lymphatic system drain itself as well. Circulation boosting is helpful to heal the skin faster and bring nutrients to the skin. Lymphatic drainage is beneficial because it helps to remove toxins from the lymphatic tissue and the body. These same toxins can get into your circulation, and get stuck in your skin causing a toxic environment with an imbalanced pH where acne can grow or the pores can get clogged etc. Learn more in this video: Get a skin brush for 7 bucks here: Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush Thanks for watching the vi

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