Understanding Yin & Yang (Father God & Mother Earth) Energy & Balance

We live in a strange and complex yet simple world. In my life, my spiritual journey has been a process of evolution, learning and growth. I was raised in a Pentecostal christian household for the first 18 years of my life, then became an athiest, then an agnostic and now just someone who is spiritual and defines my religion as love as simple as that. What I have learned though on this journey thus far is that energetic balance of the yin & yang, the masculine and feminine energy in life is very important for internal peace, balance and overall fulfillment and happiness. In this video I talk about how Father God & Mother Earth are the representations of masculine and feminine energy and how in today s world we live in a predominantly masculine dominant world. Finding balance in this energy, this yin & yang in life is how we find the truest and most authentic versions of ourselves. Whether you are a male or female, whether you work in Government, business or a non-profit we all need to

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