How Prebiotics & Probiotics Influence Intestinal Health

The intestines (small and large) play an important role in our overall health and wellbeing. The intestines help to process urine and feces and separate liquids from solids, they help to excrete waste and keep the nutrients needed to keep your body healthy and functioning well. The prebiotics and probiotics in your diet are good forms of bacteria that feed the intestines the tools they need to do their job better, digest, process and work efficiently. Learn how prebiotics and probiotics play a role in intestinal health in this video: The top 7 sources of prebiotics in foods are: 1. Raw Chicory Root 2. Raw Jerusalem artichoke 3. Raw Dandelion Greens 4. Raw Garlic 5. Raw Leek 6. Raw Onion 7. Raw Asparagus You can get the sunbiotic prebiotic and probiotic tablets Sunbiotics Potent Probiotics with Organic Yacon Root Prebiotics 30 Vegetarian Tablets and you can get the garden of life probiotic Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra Ultimate Probiotic Formula, 90 Capsules Thanks for watching,

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