is The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Really Helping Anyone?

We ve all seen many videos now of people pouring ice buckets over their head, it s a 20 second video and they say something about ALS and that s it.  What is ALS? and how is pouring ice over your head helping to treat or cure this disease? I see the world a little differently than most, and question what s popular and so called normal because there s usually more to the story, and in this case it s the truth.  Watch this video to find out if this ice bucket challenge is really helping ALS sufferers and where the money being raised is really going: Remember, 27% of the money actually goes to research. 73% is who knows where. There has already been 10 s of millions of dollars poured into the current drug that the describes the drug Riluzole (Rilutek®) is frustrating because it s not a perfect drug, and does not stop ALS. Yet they still recommend it? why? my guess, some sort of monetary gain to keep their charity going and it s better than telling 30,000 people in the US that

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