9 Year Old Organic Superhero Stands Up To Monsanto

Growing up as a raw vegan kid, Daniel always had a different view on food and health than his fellow classmates and friends. But being different was never really a concern to him since he knew the reasoning behind his food choices. Rather than fitting in, Daniel was always more intrigued with encouraging others make healthier food choices. He was convinced that if others were exposed to reliable information they would make drastic diet and lifestyle changes. It wasn’t until his 3rd year of elementary school that Daniel began actively speaking on the topic in public. It all began one day when his teacher asked him to present before the class about his diet. After talking to his classmates about the dangers of GMOs, many began to trash their candy and unhealthy snacks and others told him how they switched to healthier alternatives at home. Daniel was thrilled and created a series of health presentations for kids. In May 2014, Daniel spoke at March Against Monsanto Vancouver. Little di

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