Why MSM (Sulfur) is Important For Your Hair, Nails, Skin, Joints & Health

Sulfur is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet, after calcium and phosphorus sulfur comes in third. It s found in the soil and is carried into foods that we eat and is an important mineral for healthy tissue development. It s very important for ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones, skin, hair and nails. Garlic, leeks, chives, onions and cruciferous vegetables are some of the highest food sources of organic sulfur. You want your body to have adequate sources of sulfur because this mineral helps to repair and rebuild virtually every part of the human body, all tissue specifically. Watch this video to learn more: Sulfur is also great for your digestive health, it s a great detoxifying agent, it s beneficial for liver health and is also one of the strongest anti-inflammatory plant compounds. It helps to decalcify excess calcium within the body so if arthritis or stiffness is common, MSM or sulfur rich foods is a great option to help bring balance to the body and give you more eas

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