Does Salt Cause Acne?

If you have too much salt in your diet, which you probably do, then salt leads to stressed out kidneys and water retention which causes your body to hold onto toxins and to not hydrate properly. By reducing your salt intake you give your kidneys a break and your body can hydrate better allowing for purification and the removal of toxins and excess bad bacteria that causes acne. Water is healing and beneficial to the skin but it needs the right amount of electrolytes in balance to be properly used. I recommend reducing your salt intake, and if you do use salt in your food or cooking to use a Redmond Real Sea Salt Fine Granular Shaker, 9 Ounce 12 Pack instead of regular table or sea salt because it is unrefined and contains more minerals so it s a more balanced form of salt. You can learn more about the Acne Erasing Secrets program by clicking here, or you can see the product recommendations to help you clear up your acne by clicking the recommended products page above. Enjoy your day!

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