These Games Will Trick You Into Becoming Fitter

One of the most important aspects of your health is how fit you are.  If you are out of shape your body is holding onto excess toxins and fat and that affects nutrient absorption, organ health, digestive health and overall stress and wear and tear on the body.  While living in Costa Rica earlier this year I had a 2 year old kid neighbor who would always play games and I would run around, kick the soccer ball and play with him.  Doing this taught me a valuable lesson, that I can have fun and make fitness, or staying in shape a game.  It doesn t need to be or feel depressing to have to stay in shape. Having to go to the gym feels like work, doesn t it? I d rather do workouts in the water, like in the video I posted yesterday, or kick the soccer ball around. There are many things that you can do to trick yourself into getting fit and in shape, these are games! Think of fitness and working out as a game and you ll find more fun and creative ways to stay in shape and fit. You can 1. Pl

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