How To Use Water Resistance Workouts To Get Scuplted And Fit

I ve moved a lot in my life, I ve walked more miles than jesus I think (i m not really sure, but it s possible) ha! I ve held many jobs that require me to walk all day, I ve worked as a paperboy as a kid, a golf caddy, I sold door to door, I read meters which was another door to door walking job, it seems that most of my jobs in my life entailed walking all day every day. I believe walking is one of the best things that you can do for your overall health and wellbeing. Walk at least a few miles a day and it will give you a lot of residual returns in your health, walking helps circulation, the digestive system and so much more. You also want to move other areas of your body as well, Walking is great for the body as a whole but it s more of a lower body, lower half movement. For your upper body, if you want to maintain and increase your upper body strength and flexibility, and improve your cardiovascular health, and maybe increase your Vo2 max if you increase the intensity of these work

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