4 Good Reasons To Eat Watermelon Seeds

Remember spitting out watermelon seeds as a kid having watermelon spitting competitions with your friends or siblings? We all did that, didn t we? I know I sure did. But recently I started questioning the very base existence of everything in the universe, well, not quite, i ve been doing that for a bit. But the truth is I was chowing down on some delicious watermelon the other day with my brother and mom and wondered if watermelon seeds were edible. If you remember a bit back I made a video talking about why celery leaves are edible and why you should eat them instead of throwing them away. You can see why you should eat celery leaves, 4 reasons why here. As I was eating the watermelon and spitting out the seeds, this time I wondered if they were edible and nutritionally valuable. Many seeds from fruits and vegetables have vitamins, minerals and other beneficial plant compounds in them, but not all of them do. So I did some research and found that watermelons contain beneficial b-vita

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