How To Poop Properly With Primal Squatting Posture

We ve all been there, sitting on the toilet, wondering why it isn t flowing all that well. Yes, this video is about pooping and the posture you take while sitting on the toilet. Did you know that the majority of people are pooping improperly? and that their posture affects how big the bowel movements are, their colon health, constipation, hemorrhoids, bloating and more? Let s just face it, shitting is part of life. In life we deal with our shit, on a daily basis. I know it s a shitty situation, but we have to deal with it, no puns here. Okay, maybe a few shitty puns. Are you realizing how shitty this situation is? we re all shitting wrong! The way we have been pooping our whole lives is quite wrong, in fact, most people poop sitting at a 90 degree angle, when we really need to be pooping sitting at a 45 degree angle, squatting. Squatting allows our colon to open properly and for our body to release the fecal matter stored in the Colon. Doing this releases more poop and leaves you feel

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