6 Reasons To Take A Shot Of Apple Cider Vinegar Daily

Apple cider vinegar is one of my favorite cheap liquids that has many health benefits. I can go on and on about this stuff, it s incredibly beneficial for your health in so many ways and is super cheap too, which is great. Learn more in this video: It.. * Maintans an active Metabolism * An Active Protein Metabolism Helps the body repair and recover, protein is usable. * Boosts HGH (Because Available Protein is a building block for HGH) * Acetic acid helps release iron in food you eat making oxygen carrying hemoglobin (molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen) and myoglobin (Iron & oxygen binding protein, Myoglobin is the primary oxygen-carrying pigment of muscle tissues) Whales and seals of muscles with a high abundance of myoglobin.  * Helps produce insulin (Converts glucose into energy) * Some of the proteins help to produce tryptophan and serotonin, benefiting sleep and overall feeling of wellbeing. These are just a few of the benefits, you can see more in this video I

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