If You Could Rid The World Of One Thing What Would It Be?

You know that question people ask If you could rid the world of one thing what would it be? what s your answer?My answer is this  For EVERYONE to live without a closed heart Basically, to live with an Open Heart. Open Hearts are rare these days, most people become more closed over time with each passing failed relationship, failed business partnerships, all of the hurt & pain that we all experience in life can literally cause you to live out of your head using your head to guide you instead of your heart, analyzing everything and foremost protecting yourself from EVERYTHING. Now, people live like they have to protect themselves from EVERYONE. Everyone is living out of fear Fear of getting hurt, fear of not being loved, fear of being rejected. If you don t take risks you won t experience something amazing, something beautiful. The BIGGEST problem in our world today is not GMO s, it s not war, it s not poverty, famine, disease, weapons, Bankers NONE of it! The biggest, most massive pr

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