Omica Organics Botanica Mist Helichrysum Review

I m back from Costa Rica, living in Michigan again now and am glad to be back because I can now order and get health products that I don have access to order in Costa Rica, so i ll be sharing a few of those products and reviewing them in upcoming videos on the Healthy Wild And Free youtube channel, so make sure to subscribe. Today i m talking about the botanica mist from Omica Organics, it s the helichrysum blend which includes organic biodynamic helichrysum, lavender, magnesium oil, clary sage, california poppy hydrosols, and fulvic acid. It smells incredible and helps to tone, balance and vitalize the skin. It also seems to balance my mind, helping me feel calm but balanced with clarity. Here s the review: You can use this body spray anywhere on your body. I use it on my face, my chest, abs, arms and under my armpits as well. It smells great and leaves me feeling well. Helichrysum is anti-spasmodic, anti-coagulant, anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory as well as having a nervine effec

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