This Herb Helps To Combat The Effects Of Arthritis

There are many herbs and medicinal plants that can help to loosen up stiff joints and arthritic joints, but as long as you continue to have too many calcium deposits within the body it will be difficult to combat the effects of arthritis. In this interview, Nick from and myself discuss chanca piedra (meaning stone breaker (or stone crusher) in spanish) and how chanca piedra works to decalcify calcium deposits within the body causing stiffness and athritic pain. Chanca piedra, along with many other herbs from the amazon rainforest are very beneficial for helping to heal, purify, detoxify and energize the bodies organs and systems to optimize and perform at their highest levels. You can purchase envirozon or other herbal blends including chanca piedra at The best herbal blend for arthritis is envirozon because it not only breaks down excess calcium with chanca piedra but envirozon is formulated for purifying the liver and blood so that it re

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