How To Peel An Avocado Perfectly in 46 Seconds Flat

Recently I was in the kitchen and was cutting open an avocado and thought There s got to be a better way so I created one! and it works quite well.  This method allows you to open and perfectly peel an avocado in under a minute with a small knife very easily.  It also peels the avacado perfectly so that you get more green content which is closest to the skin and most nutrient dense, as opposed to losing that. Here s the video showing you how to do that below, please share it with that friend who always seems to make a mess when they try to cut open an avocado, yeah, this one s for them! haha!  Please spread the word about this method, i m sure it will save a lot of people time and avocado frustration. Hope you enjoyed the video, for more videos make sure to subscribe at! Please share this with your friends on facebook! Enjoy your day, – David Benjamin The post How To Peel An Avocado Perfectly in 46 Seconds Flat appeared first on Healthy Wild And

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