Eat Soursop Fruit For Energy, Minerals, Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Cancerous Effects

Soursop fruit is a rare fruit that grows in tropical climates, it has a rough green skin with pointy spokes and a white fleshy internal edible fruit.  The fruit stems from the graviola tree which is also harvested for it s medicinal immune boosting and anti-cancerous medicinal properties.  Both the soursop fruit and the graviola herb have anti-cancerous and cancer preventative medicinal qualities. Soursop is also rich in vitamin C, B-vitamins, phosphorus, calcium and Iron.  It s also rich in Niacin which is detoxifying for the blood by  expanding the blood vessels to increase blood flow and detoxification. The soursop fruit is great to eat, great in fruit smoothies and beneficial in many ways.   But the graviola herb which is created from the tree, roots and bark is even more potent in it s anti-cancer properties, specifically in Liver & Breast cancer.  My favorite herbal blend including graviola is an herbal blend called Gravizon from which includes

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