6 Good Reasons To Eat Chia Seeds Often

Ever hear of Chia seeds before? Remember chia pets? Those pet s that grew when watered? Those pet s were Powered by: Chia seeds! believe it or not.  Chia seeds are a nutrient rich superfood that I originally learned about from my friend Nick Meyer, who s a health blogger at AltHealthWorks.com  Intrigued by them, I got some myself and thought they tasted good and liked the jello-type texture they had when they jelled up. Chia seeds are very nutrient dense, they are rich in omega 3 fats, which are responsible for brain health, hair, skin and nails, as well as other functions in the body.  Chia seeds are also very protein rich, accounting for about 20% of their weight! They are rich in fiber which helps to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol and balance bowel movement and regularity as well. Beyond that they are antioxidant rich, so rich in antioxidants in fact that they can last up to two years without refrigeration.   Talk about Super-Food huh? They contain mineral such as calc

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