The Health Benefits Of Silica include Regrowing Hair, Heart Health And More

Silica is a mineral that is derived from the natural silicone in the environment.  Silica is a mineral that is crucial to health because it balances mineral absorption and use within the body, keeps the arteries and heart healthy and keeps the nail, skin, joints and bones healthy.  Silica is a mineral rich in foods such as oats, potatoes, barley, millet, red beets and horsetail extract.  By including these foods in your diet you are giving your body more silica reserves to use to create healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, joint cartilage and more. Beyond the beautifying effects of silica, it s very important for keeping the arteries healthy and balanced.  When the body has excess amounts of calcium and not enough other minerals to balance the synergy of these minerals the body will store minerals such as calcium in the body in the form of calcium deposits.  The body will store calcium deposits in the joints as well as calcification within the arteries.  The problem this causes is

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