If You’ve Had Acne For Over 2 Years, You’re Trying Too Hard

Recently I was wondering why so many people are still having problems with acne, and not seeing results with the diet, skincare, and herbal cleansing advice that I share on my blog and in youtube videos. I ve helped some people get rid of their acne in a month, sometimes two months. Acne, being completely gone in that time period. Other people consistently struggle to clear their acne even while taking beneficial steps in the right direction for their health and skin health. It got me thinking, what causes this? and how can I help these people who have acne that is persistent that won t give up? Having worked with thousands of people personally to help them clear up their acne, I believe I have a few reasons why your acne is so persistent and why it isn t clearing up as fast as you want it too. Obviously, no one wants acne, and you want to clear your skin up as quickly as you can and be on with your life. But if you approach clearing your acne up with impatience it will be difficult t

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