The Health Rejuvenation Benefits of Hot-Cold Shower Therapy

Everyone recognizes the relaxing value of a hot shower, it s relaxing, comforting and eases aches and pain. It also helps sore muscles that are stiff and tight loosen up. The truth is, both hot showers and cold showers both have individual health rejuvenating benefits. Hot showers have the following health rejuvenating benefits: * Induces Relaxation * Calms the Nervous system * Increases Circulation * Boost Oxytocin Levels For Optimal Brain Chemistry * Natural Decongestant that Opens Nasal Pathways Cold shower shave the following health rejuvenating effects: * Boosts Testosterone * Increases Circulation * Improves Mood * Boosts Immunity * Balances Body Temperature * Increased Metabolism * Improved Breathing Hot and cold showers both have unique, positive health effects. You can take a hot shower, or you can take a shower, or like me, you can take a Hot-Cold shower all in one shower. You can learn more about the benefits of hot/cold showers and why I take hot-cold showers often in this

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