How Important is Digestive Health For Clearing Up Acne?

I ve talked about digestive health and the importance of a healthy digestive system, and healthy gut flora on my youtube channel many times. It is very important to the health of the gut, the Liver and the Colon. When these organs are healthy, and the digestive system is healthy as a whole, it can utilize the nutrition that you feed it and properly remove toxins, chemicals and excess waste out of the body through your bowels (#2) which means that it s doing it s job. If it s not working properly, your body recirculates the toxins, the bad bacteria grows and festers and the skin can break out much easier. Basically, the environment of your gut, when healthy, creates healthy skin cells. If your body isn t in balance, the gut flora is out of balance and issues are occurring such as mold or yeast growth, a virus or bacteria, or candida infection The body will not create healthy skin cells. Digestive health is so important that I interviewed what I believe to be one of the top experts on d

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