How Posture Impacts Your Health And How To Improve It

Posture is very important for overall health and wellbeing. Posture impacts all of the following areas in one way or another: * Back pain * Shoulder and neck tension * Joints * Knee s * Feet * Circulation * Breathing capacity (Lungs) * Nervous System * Confidence And More! The alignment of your body helps the flow of oxygen, blood, chi energy and so many other things flow throughout your body. When your posture is healthy your body can do these processes more efficiently and effectively. You can use chiropractic work, NSA (Network Spinal Analysis), Yoga, Inversion Tables, Yoga Swings and many other tools to rejuvenate your posture. Also just being aware of when you begin to slouch or slump is important because when you are working at a desk, typing at a computer like I am now, or just standing it s important to exert the energy to keep our posture and musculoskeletal system healthy which connects to our nervous system and so much more. The body works, the body functions when it s alig

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