is Diet Causing Your Acne? This Test Will Tell You.

Diet is a huge factor in how clear your skin is, how healthy you are, your weight, even how happy you are.  Diet affects everything that we do, think, become and what we look like.  If we continuously ignore our diet, our health and skin will begin to deteriorate faster and faster.  If your skin is not clear and you still have acne, there s a good chance that your diet is causing your acne one one level or another. You don t need to believe me though, or even take my word for it.  You can test to see if diet causes your acne at all.  This is a simple test and it only costs a few bucks to implement.  It s cheap, easy and it will let you know if your diet is affecting your skin at all.  My guess is that there s a very good chance 90%+ chance that diet effects your skin. There s a few simple diets that you can test out that will let you know if your hormones, toxicity, bacterial overgrowth (a candida infection) or something else is causing your acne.  If during these diet tests y

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