The Best Diet Advice You’ll Ever Hear (I Hope)

There are a lot of diet fads and diets out there. Several times a year a new diet fad claims to help you shrink the fat and have the perfect body of your dreams by simply reducing carbs, fats, sugars, proteins, or whatever it may be. A diet fad is short lived and won t work longterm because your body needs protein, sugars, fats, carbs etc. It s about finding a balance and harmony within your body that works with you. A healthy diet on the other hand can have a pretty broad range, depending on who you are, your individuality, genetics, food sensitivities and more will determine which healthy diet path will work best for you. The great thing about this is that you don t need to commit to eating vegan, or commit to eating paleo etc. You can pick and choose from the healthy long-term sustainable diets and mold a model that works well for you. I really do hope that this is THE best diet advice you ve ever heard, that was the goal. Please leave your comments and questions on this post and s

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