5 Foods To Avoid If You Have Acne

There are 5 specific food groups that I would do your best to avoid if you have acne. Those groups are: 1. Breads specifically avoid anything with white flour, breads, bread products etc. 2. Dairy Most dairy is GMO and pasteurized, not any value for clearing up your skin. 3. Meat Most meat is GMO meat, if you do eat meat have organic free range meat. 4. Sugars Foods with added sugars, sugary foods. 5. Fake/artifiical foods twinkies, packaged, bagged, boxed, candy, soda, energy drinks etc. By avoiding these it will give your digestive system a break and allow your body to heal faster through your digestive system which will give your skin a chance to clear up faster because the toxins and harmful things will be removed from the digestive system. Make sure to get your free clear skin training videos by clicking here and joining the email newsletter. See you in the next video! – David Benjamin

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