Are You Breathing in Toxic Fumes From Your Candles?

Part of my mission is to help educate the people (hopefully you) who are a part of this website and community to live healthier and greener lives. A lot of times we don t see the correlation of how the products we use on a daily basis impact our health, beyond diet. Everything from the water you shower in, the clothes you wear, to so many other aspects of health in your home. Recently I was looking for candles to buy, because I love having that homey atmosphere and candles really do add a lot of comfort to a home, for me at least! and I knew I wanted a natural candle that was free of the chemicals and regular petroleum based compounds in traditional candles. So I started researching and found out about some of the most commonly used chemicals in candles that are both toxic and in some cases carcinogenic as well. When you burn candles you are burning whatever is in the wax into the air that you breathe. If you are burning candles that are full of petroleum by-products, chemicals and wa

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