How To Remove Fluoride From Drinking Water

If you are searching for a way to remove impurities such as fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals from your drinking water you have probably come across expensive solutions online that cost hundreds of dollars, 500 or more, or even thousands.  I ve searched high and low on the web for cheaper solutions to purify the water and filter out heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride but have yet to find any, until recently! I finally found a company that has a filtering pitcher that removes all three of these for under 100 bucks! Chlorine damages your hair, skin and nails but also causes corrosive damage on your internal organs. Chlorine is what makes the water harder and more rough.  If you have a shower filter that removes chlorine you can easily tell that the water is softer and that your skin feels much softer and healthier after a shower where the water is filtered as opposed to a shower where the water is straight tap water. So removing chlorine from your drinking wand shower water is imp

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