Does Tap Water Cause Acne And Skin Issues?

To answer this question, the short answer is yes it can and will. If your tap water contains fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals (which pretty much all tap water does) then it can cause issues with your endocrine system (hormonal system) as well as pineal and thyroid gland. Pure water that is free of these contaminants is healthier for you, healthier for your digestive system and healthier for your skin. Pure water helps cleanse and detoxify your organs including your skin so it is very important to drink and shower in clean water. I recommend the pitcher I talked about in this video, you can get one at You can get a shower filter as well, the same one I use is at: (it s on the top-left, just click it to learn more or order) You can see what the filter removes from the drinking water below: Once you start showering in and drinking purified water that is free of chlorine, fluoride and he

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