10 Companies That Profit From “Cancer Research”

These companies are selling products with cancer causing ingredients within them, yet they support cancer research within their company, to really just increase profits.  So will you be buying cancer causing foods and products to support cancer research from now on? Here s the List I came up with: Hungry Howies: Genetically modified foods, preservatives, GMO meat and dairy. M&M Candy: Sugar, GMO dairy and dye s. Yoplait Yogurt: Sugar, GMO Dairy and dye s. 5-Hour Energy: Artificial Sweetener Sucralose Campbells Soup: GMO foods. KFC Chicken: GMO fed Chicken. Sally Beauty Products: Contain carcinogenic ingredients. Tyson Meats: GMO fed meat. Sunchips: Genetically modified food. Walgreens: If you are looking to get cancer, shop at walgreens everyday, you ll get it soon enough. This is a small list that I came up with, i m sure there are more companies out there so please be aware and awake to what companies are selling and make sure to read the ingredients label.  You might be wondering

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