Indian Meadow Herbals Skincare Review

Recently I discovered an organic skincare company called Indian Herbal Meadows and decided to try a few of their products out.  Personally I really liked the Indian Herbal meadows root cream and think it would be great for anyone with back or shoulder acne, especially if you think it s hormonal acne. The wild blueberry cleanser I didn t like as much though, I still think it s a much better cleanser than most out there because it s all natural but I thought it was too thick and chunky.  It s not my favorite natural cleanser but it still beats proactiv, clean and clear and all those other skin-junk products in my book. Here s the review video: Click Here To Try The Root Cream. Click here to try the blueberry facial cleanser. Glad to be back making videos! Make sure to Join the Healthy Wild And Free facebook community by clicking Like At

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