Top 10 Skincare Products To Avoid If You Have Acne

I ve used a lot of skincare products over the years that I have had acne and even after I had acne and my skin was clear.  During this time I learned which skincare products were high quality, which were junk made of chemicals and which are actually beneficial to clearing up acne.  If you keep using products that cause issues, more acne, redness, inflammation etc Then you won t see any progress in your skin clearing up. I created this list below because these are the skincare products that I have researched that I feel you should avoid 100% if you are really looking to clear up your acne naturally and keep it clear. In each skincare product below, I link to the product so you can read the ingredients for yourself.  You ll see that they contain benzyol peroxide, parabens, sulfates and other words you won t even understand.  These are all chemicals, toxins and harmful to your skin.  They may kill the acne and the acne-causing bacteria temporarily but it won t help your skin heal an

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