Junk Food And Acne

Junk food and acne have a direct correlation. Some people though aren’t effected in this way because their digestive system, liver and colon aren’t effected like others. If you have acne there is a good chance that your acne is effected by diet and if you change your diet you will notice how sensitive your skin is to new foods and diet. I recommend that you eat more organic raw vegetables and fruits on a daily basis and reduce or completely eliminate junk food from your diet. Junk food doesn’t help at all and even if you don’t have acne junk food will cause health problems down the road. I hope that those of you who keep telling me that you either stopped eating junk food or started eating healthier get your answers from this video. You need to do both at the same time, stop eating junky and start eating healthy along with using the proper skin care and cosmetic products and drinking enough water each day to stay hydrated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrzkAX_yY-4

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