How Do You Feel About Your Acne? Emotional Acne Tips

How do you feel about your acne? is it frustrating to you? does it make you angry? In this video I talk about how you feel and how it effects your emotions. Your emotional health can show up on the skin. If you are angry, frustrated, stressed or depressed this can cause more acne and skin care issues! This is huge yet barely anyone talks about it. There are several very important lessons in this video. 1. Don’t let other’s opinions of you determine who you believe you are. 2. Don’t let others negativity and comments hurt your feelings, this is your choice and although it can be rough you have to be able to turn negatives into positives. 3. Your emotional health is determined by how you feel, so make it your JOB to be happy, feel great! Smile & laugh… Enjoy life and soak in all the positive energy that you can an ignore or block out the negative.

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