Soy And Acne

Soy and acne are not very supportive of each other. The first problem I have with soy is that most of it is a GMO food meaning that it’s genetically modified. This confuses the body when ingested because the body doesn’t recognize it. Soy also mimics estrogen in the body which will cause hormonal imbalances which can lead to more acne growth. Soy is also grown in very chemical laced conditions. Not only is it grown with pesticides and herbacides but I have also found that people who have come into contact with these chemicals to grow soy have had major health problems and one little boy in peru even died. This is not a healthy plant and I don’t recommend soy at all. I recommend you drink organic rice or almond milk instead of soy if you drink soy milk and to replace foods you eat that contain soy with something else.

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