Candida And Acne

Candida and acne can be connected and often are. Candida is a yeast infection which is an overgrowth of yeast in the body. The overgrowth of yeast in the body is caused by an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the body and specifically the gut flora. To change this, reduce or better yet completely eliminate sugar and yeast from your diet and at the same time eat fermented/cultured foods that you can make at home or things such as kefir. Also, include a lot of green raw organic vegetables in your diet at the same time. By following this diet advice you rebuild the good gut flora and good bacteria in your body which clears out the overgrowth of yeast in your body which causes intestinal and digestive problems. This good bacteria and diet change reduces bad bacteria and toxin stagnation in the body. Both too much bad bacteria and toxins in the body cause acne so by reducing them and balancing them out you get rid of your acne.

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