Does Exercise Cause Acne Breakouts?

Long distance running and strain/stressful aerobic exercise actually causes stress on your heart and lungs which is not healthy for you. This stress slows the healing process of you body (including skin) and also can cause a hormonal imbalance as well. Runner’s high is nothing more than your body trying to protect itself from the stress you have caused it, it’s your body’s natural pain killer working to reduce stress. I recommend you go on walks or do short bursts of workouts that cause an oxygen deficit like sprints or swimming quickly back and forth across a pool. There are many body weight exercises that you can do as well, body weight exercises are better for you than lifting weights because they give your body exactly what it needs to become stronger whereas when you use weights your muscle fibers become inflated and most times imbalanced as well. When you use your body weight you get stronger with what you already need… your body weight.

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